A Quiet Weekend in Yorkshire

So Katie and I decided to get away for the weekend and head up to sunny Yorkshire for a spot of walking and to see our good friends Eli, Jimbo, Stanley and Jo. What Katie didn’t know was that I had ulterior motives…

Having borrowed the old man’s XKR and booked a few nights in the lovely Old Lodge in Malton, we headed oop North in style. Getting to York for lunch we popped into a lovely little cafe that had Gluten Free options sprouting out of the floor boards (possibly not the best metaphor, it was good really!) and after a quick feed we headed off to explore in the rain.

After a few hours of wondering and taking in the sites, we headed to the hotel and dressed for dinner (where’s my valet?!). Sneaking in some pre-dinner drinks in the bar coupled with some mildly inappropriate banter we then had a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant.

Once back to our suite, bolstered with the encourage only a few glasses of wine and flagons of beer can offer you, I got down on one knee and asked Katie if she’d marry me. Thankfully, the answer was “Yes”!


The following morning was both ridiculously exciting and nerve racking as we made the phone calls to our parents to let them know the good news. My favourite was probably Katie’s brother Matt who had a typically brotherly response of “Well done…”. We know you were excited really Matt!

After a longish walk (below), we grabbed a spot of lunch and then headed to Jimbo and Eli’s. By a pure twist of fate we always seem to be the first friends to hear about their exciting news of recent years and so we thought we’d repay the favour and let them know first. Not wanting to just come out with it, Katie had bought some chocolate eggs for the kids and therefore thought she’d just hold the eggs up to Eli with her engagement ring clearly on show… After 4 or 5 attempts at this and Eli starting to think Katie was teasing her about her love of chocolate I had to wade in and point quite obviously at the ring… the penny dropped and there were shrieks of excitement and champagne corks popping. It’s a wonderful thing celebrating with the Byass’s!

Saturday Walk


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