Silent Travel Latch with striker (cover removed)

Door & Boot Latches

Time to tackle the horrible job of the door latches… Door Latches The instructions for the door latches aren’t too bad and …

Carefully bending the bezel to shape

Roll Hoops

I have the three legged hoops from AK and love the look of them. They are a bit of a pig to …

2016-01-02 13.40.46

New Years Day Walk

Braving the fairly dodgy weather, Katie, Dan and I headed to the Forest of Dean for a short walk through the wood.


New Years Eve

A bit of an impromptu dinner and drinks with Paolo, Alina (and Bramble), Dan and Box. As always, it stepped up a …


Battery bay

Having spent months deliberating what to do with the battery bay, we’ve come to quite an elegant solution. The challenge was to …