Electric handbrake conversion

As I’m sure most AK owners will attest to, the handbrake is about as much use as a chocolate teapot! So after three years of motoring (and parking it on the gears), it’s time for an MOT. I spent a good half day adjusting the handbrake shoes and cables and had the brakes at least biting. Then, having dropped the …

Lockdown Family Time

What a strange time we’re living in. On the plus side it does allow a good deal more family time, albeit restricted to the boundaries of home.

SS Great Britain

First family trip out for the four of us to the SS Great Britain. Ben definitely enjoyed seeing the boat and eating the fish of chips (of course).

Eds 40th

Fun weekend near Worcester with the Bristol Gang.


A swift trip to Snowdon with Dan, Kez and JC. I can’t say the views were too impressive, but that was probably due to the 3m visibility, driving rain and 60mph winds – not ideal. Day two involved a trip to Zipworld to ride Velocity 2 – an impressive zip wire that claims to be the longest in the northern …