Handbrake and Prop Shaft

Got a few bits and bobs finished today by changing the fuel outlet hose connector from the banjo bolt that comes as standard with the Bosch 044 pump to a Torques UK inline check valve with AN-6 outlet and then onto an AN-6 to 10mm barbed hose connector from Merlin Motorsports. I also changed the P-clip for the fuel filter to a spring clip to allow easier removal to clean/replace the filter element.

2015-01-31 16.39.03

I ordered the prop shaft from Bailey Morris who seem to have an excellent reputation. They have a standard order form that you can download from their website. Here’s my completed one for reference: WALKER – Prop Shaft

Finished fitting the prop shaft. I couldn’t get hold of the 9.7mm bolts as per the diff flange, but settled on 3/8 UNF stainless bolts from Namrick.

2015-01-31 16.39.14

And then fitted the handbrake cables from AK.

Time to start saving for the exhaust system….

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