Chassis Ordered

After literally years of planning, the project has commenced.

The TTs has been sold…

Sad times.

But actually exciting times as it means I’ve been able to order the chassis and kit from AK Sports Cars. I’ve gone for a rolling chassis option to hit the ground running. Kit date is in September so rolling chassis will be delivered at the end of September or start of October.

In the meanwhile I’ve been busy hunting for parts to refurb. So far I have found:

  • Brake Master Cylinder and Servo
  • Jaguar XJS Handbrake and Cable
  • BMW E34 Steering column

For the steering column I searched eBay for “E34 Breaking” then sent messages to the people with breaking ads. I had heard these were hard to come by, but within an hour I had found 4. For others looking for a steering column this is what you need:

Full steering column (no airbag version). Everything upwards from the rack (but excluding the rack). IE spline shaft, Upper column, UJ, telescopic shaft, control stalks including wiring & multiplugs, shroud, ignition barrel with Key, Horn switch and steering wheel.


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