Engine Choices

It appears there are several options when it comes to choosing a suitable engine for the Cobra. First choice is Ford or Chevy. For no good reason other than wanting to narrow the possible options down, I chose Chevy.

Next up, selecting one of their small block engines from the Ls1 to Ls7 range. After some research it appeared to me that the LS3 was one of the most common and hence easiest to source parts for (it is used in the Holden/Vauxhall VXRs etc and Chevrolet Camaros etc).

Onto induction systems. Basic choice is carburettor or Electronic Fuel Injection (EFi). Following a few conversations on forums I decided EFi was for me as it is simpler to get the fuel air mix correct and involves less fiddling around to get it running smoothly. However… in my opinion Carb engines look much cooler! Especially anything with a Weber IDA downdraught setup.

So, I’m currently researching the options, can you get a EFi system that has an induction setup that looks like the Weber IDAs? Possibly…


The research continues…

Update 12/05/14:
Quotes received from Jez at custom power and paint for a modded ls3 to take it up to 500bhp. Top tip: don’t forget to budget for an omex 710 ecu if you’re using an ls3 engine, you won’t get through the emissions test with the GM ecu. The omex ecu is a hefty £1700 with mechanical throttle body.

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