First Start

Bit of an epic day really. After a huge amount of work I finally got to crank the engine for the first time! Thanks to Dan and Kezza for the help!

Theres a good forum post about things to consider before going for a first start, but here’s my check list, it might just help someone else out:

  1. Get fire extinguisher
  2. Wire in fan relay
  3. Connect heater to coolant pipes
  4. Fill coolant with Evans PowerCool
  5. Fill power steering reservoir
  6. Remove spark plugs
  7. Earth engine block to chassis with earth straps on both sides
  8. Earth Omex to block
  9. Check dashboard has a decent earth (I temporarily connected it to the engine block earth)
  10. Drain 1l oil from sump and the top fill 1l oil
  11. Disconnect ecu
  12. Remove fuel pump relay
  13. Connect main wiring loom Earth
  14. Connect omex ecu to main loom sw. 12v and permanent 12v
  15. Connect dash to loom
  16. Connect battery
  17. Turnover engine until oil pressure is registered on gauge
  18. Check for oil leaks especially around oil pressure sender
  19. Check coolant level
  20. Check steering fluid level
  21. Put fuel into tank
  22. Prime fuel pump with fuel
  23. Check all fuel lines are secure
  24. Replace spark plugs
  25. Fit exhaust and headers
  26. Seal exhaust onto headers
  27. Fit lambda sensors
  28. Connect ecu
  29. Ignition on
  30. Connect omex to laptop and run first start procedure to Check throttle positions
  31. Ignition off
  32. Connect fuel pump relay
  33. Ignition on
  34. Check fuel pump activates
  35. Purge air from fuel rail via Schrader valve. This might take a few goes of ignition on, purge, ignition off, on, purge, off… etc until you get fuel through the Schrader valve
  36. Check for leaks
  37. Ignition on
  38. Start button
  39. Big smile…
  40. Turn steering lock to lock
  41. Check power steering fluid level

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