Fuel Pump

Having roped a couple of mates in to help lift off the body shell it was time to install the fuel pump and filter.

There seemed to be quite a lot of chat on the forums relating to the fuel system, the most important bits summarised as below:

  • use a mechanical pump at the engine if using a carburettor
  • use electronic if EFi (a tad obvious I know…)
  • The Bosch 044 seems to be the popular choice which I purchased from www.torques.co.uk ebay store. Can highly recommend, they were very good at responding to my questions and deliver took about 12 hours!
  • A 10micron fuel filter may be too restrictive for the 500BHP power plant I’m installing, so I went for a high flow metal gauze style 30 micron filter
  • If going the rolling chassis route, the fuel hose will have already been installed, it is 10mm ID braided hose from Merlin Motorsport and suitable for push on connectors, not JIC or AN fittings! (-AN and JIC are basically identical – see wikipedia if you want the full definition!). The thread on the fuel filter is AN-8 so I used these 10mm barbed push on connectors from Torques_Uk instead.
  • If using an Omex system, don’t forget to order a fuel pressure regulator with the kit

Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump


I originally planned on using AN-8 connectors throughout as they seem to be a popular choice and get good reviews on most forums, until I received my order and realised that they are not compatible with the fuel hose. Back to the drawing board and time to order some barbed push-fit connectors and hose clamps instead.

AN-8 definitely not compatible with the braided hose

AN-8 definitely not compatible with the braided hose

As far as fixing to the chassis goes, I drilled and tapped M6 bolt holes and then bolted the fuel filter to the chassis rail, next to the diff using stainless steel P-clips (xxmm for filter and xxmm for pump) and similarly for the fuel pump in the location indicated in the build manual. HOWEVER! This position clashes with the clutch slave cylinder on the LS3/Tremec TKO setup and now needs to be relocated. So I’m looking at relocating the pump above fuel filter in the transmission tunnel by fabricating a custom plate and using the brackets provided by Torques.

2014-10-29 20.15.23

Location for fuel pump as described in the manual. Needs to be relocated to avoid the clutch slave cylinder

2014-10-18 18.00.09

Fuel filter installed in the transmission tunnel. Needs relocating to accommodate the fuel pump in the same location.


Worth mentioning that Torques provide anti-vibration rubber strips that line the inside of the bracket AND fit between the bracket and the chassis (not pictured), which should help to cut down and vibrational noise from the pump.

If drilling and tapping, don’t forget to check your Zeus engineers notebook for drill and tap sizes, or there are plenty available online if you can use google. I picked up a set of Draper drill bits and taps from Amazon which include the correct size bits for each tap and also a taper, intermediate and bottoming tap of each size. I’d also recommend picking up an automatic centre punch to help getting the drill in the right spot in the first place.

After three separate attempts, I finally got the filter and pump installed using spring clips for the filter and a 60mm P-Clip for the fuel pump.

2015-01-31 16.39.03

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