Handbrake and Prop Shaft

Got a few bits and bobs finished today by changing the fuel outlet hose connector from the banjo bolt that comes as standard with the Bosch 044 pump to a Torques UK inline check valve with AN-6 outlet and then onto an AN-6 to 10mm barbed hose connector from Merlin Motorsports. I also changed the P-clip for the fuel filter to a spring clip to allow easier removal to clean/replace the filter element.

2015-01-31 16.39.03

I ordered the prop shaft from Bailey Morris who seem to have an excellent reputation. They have a standard order form that you can download from their website. Here’s my completed one for reference: WALKER – Prop Shaft

Finished fitting the prop shaft. I couldn’t get hold of the 9.7mm bolts as per the diff flange, but settled on 3/8 UNF stainless bolts from Namrick.

2015-01-31 16.39.14

And then fitted the handbrake cables from AK.

Time to start saving for the exhaust system….


The 3/8UNF bolts that I used initially were not long enough. I had selected the longest bolt that I could get into the hole without fouling the UJ, but it appears it just wasn’t long enough as I lost one on a drive the other day! Scary stuff. I have now replaced all four nuts and bolts with some 3/8″ UNF 1.5″ cap – head 12.9 grade bolts from Balls Bolts. I needed to use 2no M10 washers per bolt in order to give enough clearance at the back, but it seems to have worked.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Your handbrake set up is going to cause you problems. I did same set up and it was poor to say the least. I changed my pivots to shoulder bolts and aligned the cables so they are not changing direction.
    I can send you all the details if you pm me to my email below.

    1. Post

      Hi Andy, thanks for the comment, could be a bit tricky as the car is in the paint shop at the moment, so not a great deal of opportunity to change this setup!
      It does appear to be working, but have only tested it on the flat.

    2. Post

      Hi Andy, thanks for the comment. I recently put the car through IVA and the handbrake actually performed really well… so well in fact the car jumped out of the rollers! It seems with this setup its luck of the draw…

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