The Big Day finally arrived starting with a super early start to get down to Anthony’s (Absolute Horsepower) with an air temperature just above freezing – not ideal cobra weather! We loaded up the car and headed down to the Exeter test centre.

I’m writing the post far too late so sadly I can’t remember too much of what when on. I would say that the tester was a properly nice bloke (big piss taker, but once you got to know his sense of humour he’s alright!), the lemon drizzle cake seemed to go down well too!

Annoyingly the car failed on two points, uncalibrated speedo and the front wheel offsets being 5mm too far out of the wheel arch. The speedo was annoying as I have an electronic calibration unit behind the dash that allows calibration at the touch of a button. Sadly, the display on the unit is behind the dash too and I couldn’t get the unit into calibration mode without taking the dash out – not ideal during a test… Easily fixed overnight and a different set of wheels on we returned for the re-test the next morning to receive a big tick in the box and a pass certificate. There were also some very kind words said by the tester regarding the quality of the build, a proud moment indeed!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Anthony as he has been just an incredible help for the entire 3 year build process, not only with a huge amount of advice, odd jobs and cups of coffee. Highly recommended for anything Cobra related and a truly nice guy to boot.


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