Omex Wiring

So, time to track down all of connections for the Omex 710 wiring loom.

More details to follow, but the basic loom is:

Omex710Only one knock sensor is required on the Omex system and the MAP sensor is not required unless your using a supercharger. The MAP connector on my loom didn’t fit the standard outlet on the intake plenum, but i’m assured its not required by Roadcraft.

Most connectors are pretty obvious:

  • Air Temperature Sensor – comes with the OMEX kit and goes into the stainless steel intake tube after the air filter
  • Throttle Position Sensor – connects to the fly lead on the throttle body
  • Lamdba sensors – come with the OMEX kit and fit into the exhausts
  • Cylinders, Odd and Even bank connectors

MAF Sensor on inlet plenum – not used unless your going turbo/supercharged.

2015-01-24 16.58.19


CAM and CTS Sensor:

2015-01-24 17.29.46

Crank Sensor (image borrowed from Google!):


Make sure you give both the “Odd” and “Even” coil packs a good earth connection (there is a small black fly lead with ring connector) – I ended up connecting these to the same bolt as the main engine to chassis earth strap as I was having problems with the engine only firing on the Even bank for a while.

Knock Sensor

There is only one of these on the Omex loom, but there are connectors on both sides of the block. I used the drivers side as it worked better for the cable lengths.

Fuel Pump Relay

Radiator Fan Relay


There are two black leads that need to be earthed. I connected these onto the same bolt as the earth strap between block and chassis.

Setting Up the Omex

Fire up your laptop and install the Omex MAP4000 software from their website. With a good quality seriel to USB cable, connect the cable to the laptop – you may see it install some drivers at this point, this is fine. Then connect to the ECU and switch on the ignition (but dont start the engine).

Open MAP4000 and it should open with a default set of tabs for the Omex710. If it doesn’t, these can be opened by clicking on the “layout” menu then “load tabs” then “Factory/Cached Tabs” then click the radio button for “Factory Tabs” and in there you should find a default for Omex 710.

Omes Settings

For the first start, you need go to tab 3: Sensor Setup and set the following:

  1. TPS AutoZeroGain to 0
  2. TPS AutoZeroOffset to 0
  3. Then with the throttle in its idle position (no foot on accelerator!) make a note of the TPS RAW figure (mine was 26). Input this number into the TPS Min box.

Omex Settings


Hit “Save Calibration” and then “Send Current Calibration”, with that set, you should be good to hit the start button!


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