Sump Guard

  1. After grounding the bell housing several times I started to worry a little about the sump and stumbled across a post on the Cobra forum. After taking Charlie up on the offer, the guard arrived the a couple of days later and is really well made bit of kit.

I had to notch a small amount out using an angle grinder in order to clear the fuel filter, but other than that it fits like a dream.

Installation is simple, I supported the guard on to jack and slowly raised it into place, then drilled and tapped the 6 fixing points (M10 if I remember correctly).

I currently live in an apartment in bristol that has a very steep ramp down into the basement and managed to scrape the braid off the fuel lines when leaving the basement the other day (eek!), so I also made up a small guard to protect these and wound the suspension up a little. The rear guard was fitted to the diff by 7/16UNF cap head bolts.


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