Tignes 2014

Mike, Char, Steve, Charlie, Vicky, James, Page, Benjo, Ash, Katie, Helen, Pete, Phil, Chloe, Katie and I went skiing for a week. This is what happened…

The other chalet…
It just so happened that another bunch of splendid chaps happened to be in val d’isere the very same week. This news caused much merriment, especially amongst the homosexual duo Benjo and Page. With the addition of Timmy to the group, the birth of Speed Skiing was born. Armed with Ski Tracks on our phones we set out in search of death or glory. No death is year, so that was good, and glory for Timmy who notched up almost 64mph on one run. A fine effort.

Later in the week, the snow closed in leaving or resident Scottish Norwegian stranded in our favourite place in resort, Loop Bar. The clock struck 12:30 as Jamie hit the big red button. Goodnight Tignes, we shall see you all tomorrow. What followed can only be described as an evening of quality entertainment and top class banter. Involving no less than three separate trips to Loop including one to watch The Dominos: an absolutely awesome band with quality tunes, banter and talent spewing out of their ears! Nathalie, please accept our deepest apologies, we may have had something to do with the fact your loving husband didn’t make it back that night (ok, it was Oli).

The days were filled with skiing in sunshine, cloud or snow. A mixed bag, but overall some top quality skiing conditions. Or husky riding conditions for one lucky lady in the group (have you got the husky poo out of your hair yet Hels!?).

Anyway, enough chat. Thanks to all for coming, here’s a poorly edited vid (sorry, did it once, erased it by accident, couldn’t be bothered to put as much effort in the second time!) and some pics from the trip. Enjoy!




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