Father Xmas was very generous this year as he dropped off a beautiful Brass Craft windscreen with wind deflectors, sun visors and centre stay. I MUST have been a good boy!

I must say that it really is a beautifully well made product, Chris and the other guys at Brass Craft do a top job putting these screens together and finishing them to a really high level.

Onto the fitting…

  1. Bolt the side pillars onto the screen using the fixings provided with the screen. One pillar when on really easily, the other took a little bit of time, but that was due to me not lining the bolts up to be perpendicular with the holes in the screen (try screwing them in without the pillars so you can see the angle they sit at in the windscreen). After realising, the second pillar went on without any issues.
  2. Offer up the screen and pillars to the holes in the body (pre drilled by AK). The near side was perfect but the off-side hole needed opening up a fair bit and I had to grind a little off the H-frame within the cockpit to get the pillar to sit nicely against the H-frame and through the body.
  3. Once its sliding into place, put the escutcheon plates onto the body/pillars and re-fit the screen. I’m not entirely sure how low the screen should go, but I settled for the far bottom corners of the screen sitting approx 5mm off the body. Don’t forget to gently push the rubber seal forward from under the screen to help the screen sit lower.
  4. Cut a piece of timber (2″x1″) 36″ long. Use this to space the top of the screen from the edge of the scuttle lip at the rear of the cockpit. This will set the correct rake for the screen.
  5. Measure the distance between the rear of each pillar and the edge of the scuttle lip (mine were approx 75mm), to make sure your screen is straight on the body.
  6. Using a G-Clamp on either side, clamp the pillar to the H-frame.
  7. Centre punch for two holes on each pillar that will allow you to put M8 bolts through the pillar and into the H-frame.
  8. Using a hand drill, drill 2mm holes at each of the four positions through the pillars and the H-frame.
  9. Mark the four hole positions for the escutcheon plate on the body.
  10. Remove the windscreen and using a pillar drill, drill open up the four holes (two in each pillar) up to 8.5mm.
  11. With the screen removed, open the four holes in the H-frame up to 6.8mm.
  12. Using a tap, tap an M8 thread into the four holes in the H-frame.
  13. Drill the four escutcheon plate holes.
  14. Re-fit the windscreen, bolt using M8 bolts into the thread in the H-frame to test the fit.
  15. Once happy, loosen off and fit the escutcheon plates.
  16. Tighten the screen back up.
  17. Time for a beer.

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